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5 Ways To Strengthen Your Immune System

The human body requires a minimum of 7 to 8 hours of continuous sleep once every 24 hours. Inadequate sleep or a lack of proper sleeping pattern leads to inflammation in your body and decreases your natural immunity.

Physical activity
Higher levels of physical activity boosts your immune system. Exercising five or six days for a minimum of 40 minutes keeps you fit both internally and externally.

Vitamin D
A vitamin D deficiency can do severe damage to your immune system. Apart from sunlight make sure you have a balanced diet to obtain the necessary vitamin D your body requires. If you are suffering from a severe deficiency of vitamin D, you can also go for medical supplements following your physician’s advise.

Zinc is known to immunize your body even against cancer-causing pathogens. Around 12 -15 milligrams of zinc every day is what is required by your body to keep your immune system intact. Increased intake of Zinc can result in your body losing other necessary minerals.

Laugh More
Laughter does wonders to your body, especially to your immune system. Laughing a lot helps you fight against stress and boosts the count of white blood cells in your body. Even looking forward to doing anything happy can have the same effects a hearty laughter does.


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