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7 important things all Ghanaian men should do before January ends

2018 is finally here with us and we are blessed to still be alive to see this day. As men, the new year comes with new opportunities and other great challenges that will need extra strength and stamina to overcome.

Many of us men have specific things we do or plans we take whenever the year is about ending. But here are some key steps that we all, as men in Ghana, would want to commit to this year especially in the month of January.

1. Set short-term new year goals

When we say short-term New Year goals we mean goals and plans that you can achieve in the first three months of 2018. This helps you stay focused in the start of the year and also sets you on the path of achieving major things even as the year has just started.

2. Regular check-up

You can’t start 2018 without knowing how fit or sick you are. A regular check-up with the doctor is very important. With your National Health Insurance (NHIS) card, you can just walk into any NHIS service provider in Ghana and get yourself checked. As men, it is very imperative to check ourselves so as not be caught unawares in the course of the year.

3. Go to your dentist

Ahead of 2018, you can’t just visit the doctor. You also need a dentist to check the health of your teeth. No one is interested in talking to a nice Ghanaian man with bath breath or stained teeth. A good dental care is all you need to kick-start your journey to general wellness.

4. Get in touch with a friend you lost contact with

Friends are everything we’ve got in this world. But unfortunately, we mostly lose contact with them in the cause of our daily activities and busy work schedules. Friendships are like a flower. If you fail to water them with love, tight communication and care, you are bound to lose them forever. So why not pick up that phone and call them up?

5. Clean out your email

It will be awful interesting to 2018 with an email clogged with scams and loads of unread messages. Have you ever missed an appointment all because the message got overshadowed by so many useless emails? In 2018, your inbox must be clean. This is to help you track every mail and alerts you need to have at work or home.

Clean your inbox regularly

6. Concentrate on unfinished projects

Many of us have entered 2018 with unfinished projects and business. This year you promised your lady a new phone, you failed; this year you promised to visit mama, you failed; this year you assured your girlfriend that you will take her out, you failed. This should end right now! As a man, your words need to be respected. Go back to all those failed promises and see the best ways you can achieve them before the year is ended.

7. Update your CV

Many of us will be searching for well-paid jobs in 2018. But for this dream of getting a job to come true, we need to be very prepared with a good CV. A good CV is that kind which convinces the employer on the main reason why you are the best shot for the job. If you have not updated your CV please do before the year begins so you don’t miss any opportunity when a door opens.

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