Thursday , August 22 2019
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Marriage may protect against dementia

Marriage and having close friends may help protect against dementia, according to Loughborough University researchers. The study, published in Journals of Gerontology, followed 6,677 adults for just under seven years. The quality of a person’s social circle appeared more important than the overall size, the research team said. The Alzheimer’s Society …

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6 sex rules for people in relationships

Even couples who start off with hot-and-heavy sex lives go through slumps at some point. Below, sex therapists around the country share six rules and helpful guidelines to stay sexually satisfied in a long-time relationship. (When rules are this fun, why would you want to break them?) 1. Practice the platinum rule “We all know the golden …

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The 7 problems with our phones

The dark truth is that it’s become very hard to find anyone (and certainly anything) more interesting than one’s smartphone. This perplexing and troubling realization has for most of us had huge consequences for our love stories, family lives, work, leisure time and health. This is a text that aims to bring …

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E.L Makes Vogue Magazine Feature

Ahead to the release of his forthcoming ”West African Vibes” (WAVs) album, the B.A.R. (Best African Rapper), E.L has been granted a feature in the prestigious fashion and style magazine – Vogue (USA). In his feature titled ”How one Afrobeat superstar is reinventing Ghana’s most prized fashion treasure”, E.L spoke …

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