I Won’t Miss An Opportunity To Become A Housewife – Delay


Tv host cum Businesswoman Deloris ‘Anumdwano Ye More‘ Frimpong Manso, also known for selling sardine and tomato paste mackerel says she’s working so hard but she won’t miss a chance to become a housewife.

Delay is one of the ‘single and searching for a white man‘ celebrities known for stirring controversy in the showbiz space.

With nothing buzzing around Delay this time, she took social media to share a rare photo of herself showing some skin whilst she tells fans how she won’t let by any chance to become a housewife though she’s really working hard.

In simple terms, this means Delay is ready to give up her profession to be called a wife. Is Delay setting a bait for some man to come and marry her?