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 Its a trendy salon in Accra. If you haven’t been there before then you are loosing out on some beautiful hair styles!

Since you are here, I know you have heard or read about Kukis Parlor, either from a friend, a loyal and satisfied client or social media. Kukis Parlor is the trusted brand behind the Acadapprenticeship program, an entirely new, research-based cosmetology teaching methodology designed to result in faster learning, better retention, greater mastery, and salon-ready students. We are glad to say that the Acadapprenticeship pedagogy is exclusive to Kukis Parlor Applied Beauty Academy.

Think you know what to expect when you hear “cosmetology school?” Think again. Teachers at Kukis Parlor Applied Beauty Academy are not teachers they are coaches. Our Coaches are committed to meeting the needs of today’s connected, creative cosmetology students — who we recognize as artists.

Our coaches bring more than technical know-how. They share their industry knowledge with the next generation of stylists. And they’re dedicated to spending one-on-one time with students in a welcoming community designed to support, develop and inspire.

In the Acadapprenticeship program, you’ll learn through real-world scenarios, so that when you graduate you’ll not only have gained technical skills, but you’ll have the confidence to navigate the salon world and interact successfully with clients. Teaching with 21st Century skills, applying technology from the least to the highest.

Being a true salon artist is more than just knowing the steps of a service. It’s knowing how to navigate the salon world with style and grace. Like how to work with a guest who can’t explain the style she wants. Or how to gain a guest’s trust. Acadaprenticeship shows you.

what is tuition? Tuition is the money you pay to attend beauty school.

What makes Kukis Parlor Applied Beauty Academy so special? You’ll gain:

  1. The know-how and hands-on training you need to succeed in your chosen career path
  2. A solid grasp of both the fundamentals and advanced techniques used by leading professionals in the beauty industry
  3. The ability to master everything from hair cutting, hair styling, and hair coloring to marketing and business skills
  4. Our cosmetology programs are designed to be engaging and fun while helping you to develop the skills and knowledge you’ll need to succeed.
  5. ur instructors coach students in both english and Twi language
  6. Our Courses are really unique and very advanced technology-based
  7. Our fees are affordable

Listed below are your choice of rewarding and exciting beauty programs providing you with numerous career options:

  • Hair Dressing
  • Polishing (Top up)
  • Make Up Artistry
  • Massage Therapy
  • Eye Technician
  • Nail Technician
  • Facial Therapy
  • Foot Works

How to Apply

Step 1: Applicant can purchase or download Application Form here and read through the application form and select the courses or group of courses you will like to enroll in.

Step 2: fill in the application form underlining the courses you will like to enroll.

Step 3: The career counseling department will then assist you to make sure you have chosen suitable courses. ie. a course that you can cope with.

Step 4: Come to the academy with your completed application form adding photocopies of required documents and 2 passport sized pictures, with the registration fee specified on the application form.


Applicant must be 16 years and above, we admit mature students who want to catch up with modern technology and improve on themselves. We encouraged you to enroll at the academy. Courses are available for JHS, SHS leavers, tertiary graduates and workers.

We have fast track courses for the working class with less time to spare. We provide specialized training for applicant who wants to learn a specific module within the profession.
There is top up courses for qualified hairdressers and Beauty Therapists.

We also offer Premium Training Package (PTP) for people who want to travel abroad and need a vocational skills in Hair and Beauty or Make Up.

Because of the practical nature of our training we maintain a small class size with a maximum of 12 students per class. This allows students to do more practical under direct supervision of a coach.

About our program
The Acadapprenticeship program at Kukis Parlor Applied Beauty Academy teaches you salon success through stories, not lectures. It’s visual. Interactive. Hands-on. You’ll learn the way artists should.

Financial Aid
We’ve dedicated an entire team to advising you through the scholarship process. Financial aid is available if you qualify, and most of our students do.
For detailed information on what our cosmetology program costs, call or connect with us through our social media pages.

Cosmetology school financial aid: We know how to do it. We’ll get you through it!


Director: +233 264-017-512

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/kuki’spalour

Instagram: @kukispalour

Twitter: @kukispalour

Website: www.kukisparlor.edu.gh

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