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PHOTOS: 14 budding artistes to look out for in 2018

Over the years furtherance has been the order of the day for every ambitious, visionary, dreamer, determined and creative individuals (upcoming & already established artists) in the pool of the music industry. Each year, new crops of prodigies surface up. 2017 is not exceptional, it exposed acts like King Promise, Kelvyn Boy, B4Bonah, Michael Dapaah, Kurl Songx, Ebony and a host of other talents. I’m not trying to sugarcoat any of these acts but their talents are not a fading grace. Gradually they’re developing into global asserts. Some have already attracted the eyes of the world market.

Consequently I decided to compile a list of glittering acts to look out for in 2018 based on their input (hard work, consistency, branding, fanbase, readiness, determination and motivation). They are extremely determined to win and so they’ve developed a willpower to keep in shape and do their best to be relevant. Mind you, It’s a cocktail (mixed) genre compilation. These acts were circled out for peculiar reasons; trending values, they have the ability to control and color perceptions, they have deep wisdom backed with common sense, finally they have weathered the storm but they chose never to give up.

Music lovers should expect the unexpected from these selected acts who made it on this compilation because they know nothing about comfort zone, they keep perfecting their acts by day. What strikes me most is they’re all on different musical mission.

Pam Official

Born Pamela Esi better known as PamOfficial or Pam is an American based Ghanaian multi-genre artist (reggae, dancehall, hippop, reggaeton, rap, Afrobeats, classical, etc). I wonder why God has putting so much in one being? She describes herself as been complex in so many unique ways therefore she has a complex taste for music which also reflects her complexities on any  beats, rhythms or instrumentals. She pens down her own lyrics and taps inspiration from different places and experiences. She grew up in a family with aunts and uncles from Ghana, Senegal, Nigeria, Trinidad and Jamaica. The music she grew up with is from these places. I bet by now you can relate to how complex she is when it comes to varieties of music produce. How can I forget to add this; she played in an orchestra (classical music). Her musical taste and ear is different from any artist to be born in Ghana. Love, heartbreak, sex, partying, hustling, inspirational, the experiences that bring us together as humans to feel and empathize is what her music is centered around.

I’m betting people didn’t know who Pam was in 2017 but they will undoubtedly know her in 2018. Lots of great music from her is under way.

She’s putting together an amazing tour for her fans because they created her as a superstar and still moulding her as a super super duper star. She truly appreciates her fans, for reasons that without them she’s nothing. Being herself has always been her second habit, this is because she believes she was born a superstar and with God’s will and intersection, mainstream media and fans on a large scale will accept her. She doesn’t trust too much talks, rather her projects will speak and make all the noise for themselves. Being confident yet humble is a big part of her persona to inspire everyone.

 It’s important to note that none of her songs sound alike if you want something different to listen to, main reason why I personally want to put her image out there. She’s lucky enough to have a solid management and team that has got her back like hunch back and been very supportive. Her music comes from putting in hard work, time and draws inspiration from old school and new music.

Keep listening to her hit single “Lowkey”  and keep searching for her new songs and projects. She has some amazing projects coming up.

Lamisi Music

Regina Lamisi Anabilla Akuka, artistically known as Lamisi is performer and a recording artist who is into world music.

Carrying torch into the future with burning desire, inspiration and passion gave her the  permission to do world music. She has the ability to mold a steady career path successfully based on the principles of been  herself and original. Her lyrical prowess is seasonsed with the salt of wisdom, mostly her songs revolves around love and inspirational. Fans should expect originality and continuity from her with more interesting stuffs. Keep your fingers crossed because she lots of upcoming projects.

Hardwork chained with focus is her attacking and defensive mechanism for the 2018. She’s been working on projects from last year against this year months ago. She is one of the most hard working artists that can make Ghana proud in terms of music export, her determination and uniquely unique style of music makes her exceptional in every way you can ever think of. She needs more than just attention.


She needs no introduction, Adina Thembi an alluring afropop/highlife artist. She was birthed as Adina Thembi Ndamse.

Her voice, melody and energy of a particular track would be what makes her distinct from others but lots of people do afropop or highlife. So the uniqueness is in the texture of her voice coupled with the melody, theme and production of a particular record makes her authentic. There’s variations to her subject lines. Sometimes about love (Makoma), sometimes about heartbreak (Too Late), sometimes about everyday life (Truth), it depends on the mood and inspiration. Fans should expect everything possible!! 2017 was the beginning of the rest of the plans. Fans should expect spellbinding upcoming projects. Based on her label’s principles she’s not in the position to talk about those projects immediately but she can say she’s confidently looking forward to growing her brand in the other regions apart from Accra.

Her plan so far has been to build a core solid fanbase gradually for the sake of longevity. Once they’re are satified they’ve achieved that (it’s a good mark) they’ll cast their net wider and create more visibility.  She hesitates to say more hits because they can and will always create great music and content but it is the fans and ultimately God who will determine how much and how far she can go. She is prepared as anyone can be. Check out her soundcloud page AdinaThembiMusic and listen to her music. That should do the trick. Lets give her music the voice to speak for itself.

Eye Judah

I foresee him beyond people’s half baked perceptions about he been a copy cat. There has been a bit of controversies about him for one or two reasons but the point of the matter is Bernard Okaiteh has shown a clear evidence of having talent, style, lyrics and story telling prowess in abundance. He’s popularized in the showbiz circle as Eye Judah. Artistically unique as he is in his zone, dancehall, reggae and afro beat are the genres he’s identified with. You’ll be amazed to know the number of people music chose. I stated this because he is among the hosts of acts music chose, he naturally found it in his DNA when the time was due. As African as he is, there’s no way he can leave behind his background and culture, every thing is portrayed in his music. There’s a lot of talented acts out there you know? But from his vibes and the manner in which he constructs his songs, I believe he’s dynamic is every way possible. Like they say, there’s nothing new under the sun.

 He believes in the power vibes, so he’s taking music lovers to a different reggae/dancehall and Afrobeats expedition. This makes a difference from what is being played around and that is going to clearly separate him from the rest. He considers  making variety of music, by singing about all things depending on where he taps inspiration. But he’s more comfortable singing about God and He’s goodness in life. Fans should expect nothing but the best of music in 2018 and beyond.

It’s another year of work, lot of things are coming up his way which he can’t disclose now but he urges all who supports his works to be on guard for some real “radical heights”. Delivering the best of music with some real powerful substance (content) and connect more with his listeners much more than he did before. Wisdom and cleverness alone will not attract or retain success, with this echoing through his thoughts, he’s very prepared to serve his fans with the best of him (musically). He does the kind of music that has the remedy to uplift all souls, serves music lovers with quality music that will last them for a life time and not just a short while. He is out of order but with class and style, consider adding him to your playlist and thank me later.


Suleihu Dawuni Adams also known as DXD is another groundbreaking fine singer, Afrobeats sensation, on top of that a charismatic hip popper. He’s comfortable with the genres listed above because he’s able to express his thoughts and feelings better within these genres. Afrobeats and hip-hop best defines his style and delivery. The way he pitches his lyrics together, blend, dexterity with a lot of value placed on his lyrical composition makes his style monumental from every other artist. What interests me about him most is how he goes about his subject lines; It varies based on feelings at a particular point in time, however reality never has to be too far from his vibes. Lovers of music should expect nothing but the best he can offer as he intends to put in a lot more than he did in 2017. He trusts in God to direct and lead his path to the promising journey of success and satisfaction. In 2018, he plans to take his music and craft more to the world, network in and out of the country, most importantly, he intends to get all his technical music administrative work and well secured solidly. I’m proud to also announce that, DXD is not just an artist, but an artist with an executive state of mind record label till he gets a fully fledged record label to work with. Also,  a lot more of his personal concerts will be staged in and out of the country with special emphasis on “The 15:00” batches of concerts.

As an artist, his passion energizes him to put in his best like he has always been doing, more good music, great vibes and leaving the fans in awe to join his train of fans. This is one of his major strategies to level his craft up. It has always been his prayers that God will direct and lead his hustle so he can put in all the works necessary to light his path in 2018 and years to come. DXD happens to be one of the greatest acts to ever come out of Africa, it’s just a matter of time and season for the world to bet their last on him.

 He needs an overflowing fan base and support in order to thrive proper as artists. It’s only right to serve and be appreciated and motivated. The support actually serves as a motivation to keep blazing his trail. Finally, he’s like a diamond in the dust with alot of life changing potentials if discovered and refined. I think this points are strong enough to grab his attention.

Ganyo Dread

Known for his saucy lyrics Maurice Paulson better known as Ganyo Dread in showbiz is an Ashiaman based Reggae/dancehall artist. Need I say more, Ashiaman is a community blessed with talented youths. As strange it may sound, the genre chose him as a calling and he accepted it. He has created in his mind a brand of desire to excel, due to this reason his  choice of lyrics, vision and style is on a different level as compared to others, (No disrespect). His subject line connects with positive vibes, consciousness and powerful content to serve people with good music to feed their soul and mind.

It’s about time to expose his talent to the rest of the world. There are line up of projects coming from him, expect more music videos, performances, he might even release an EP. The quality of his videos, music and performances will fountain him to the top. He can’t go wrong. As I write, he’s ever ready on the go anyday, so long as music is the subject matter.

Looking for an act who’s music touches deep the soul, a song the carries strong contents and music that makes you happy, I think you should give ear to him as well. He deserves it.

Agbeshie Music

I personally weaved a cognomen for him as Ayigbe Kanye West. Frank Agbeshie Lawstand is the birth name of Agbeshie (stage name), a cocky Ewe rapper, Afrobeats and hiplife artist. He chose these genres because of how comfortable he feels  when reaching out to the world musically.

 His style of music is distinct because you will never find him using vulgar lyrics or writing a song without putting strong society message across. His subject line in music comes with word power, quality sound and each of them matches a positive pattern. So in all, there’s definitely an element of positivity in his music. His fans should look out for more big hits songs, back to back videos, more shows and some credible awards.

2018 is a year of breakthrough for him, so he has compiled a lot for his fans, all he requests from them is, they should just keep eyes on his social media pages and keep supporting his craft. Distribution and promotion of his projects will be one of his ultimate aims for the year. He’s well prepared for 2018 because 2017 backwards were observation years, it was more or less like a learning process for him. This year he is filling in all the loop holes as well as making moves to reach the peak of his career.

Agbeshie is here to serve fans and music lovers with uplifting music, he’s one of the most down to earth artists who is always opened to mingle with his fans anytime any day. Finally he’s here to give voice to the voiceless.

Kiyo Dee 

His strong sense of believe in his craft makes him a powerful music champion. Daniel Agyepong is his birth name and Kiyo Dee is his stage name. He’s a hilife, soul & afro pop inclined artist. These genres has  always inspired him in creating his own path just like they did when those genre first broke out. The feelings derived from the sound and excitement in lyrics makes his love for the genres mentioned above unconditional. Mostly life issues decribed less intense or less judgemental is the feel you get when listening to his songs.

Projects that will well expose his intentions and make fans aware that they’re in the right place supporting the right artist is his main aim. For now he’s working on a single called “coming soon” but a mixtape is surely happening in 2018. Been consistent  with unique sounds, is what he intends to to do till the entire world discovers him and  agrees he actually invented something new with music. He had plans of 2018 two years ago, he was born ready and have always been ready. He doesn’t care about anything else apart from his fans and music lovers so they’re sure he’ll be making music that suits them.

 He’s never going to leave his fans musically hungry, to draw down the curtains he loves working for them.

Esco J

He goes by name Manuel Johnson but known in the circle of showbiz as Esco J an incredible Afro/soul singer. Both genres are his strong field because he’s an unconditional lover of soul music and his ability to fuse in  authentic African sound produces a remarkable end product (music) for himself and his fans at large.

It’s factual, music is universal and to be distinct ,you need to stay original, and that’s all he looks to portray! Originality. His music subjects basically revolves around love and it’s attributes!. But there is really no limit to his subject lines, it may vary with time. He has been a product of good music before he was even clotted in his mother’s womb as a foetus.

2018 promises goodwill, now and beyond, nothing short.There are uncountable upcoming projects for this year; mind blowing, he firmly projects.

All things being equal, with respect to structure and proper channeling Esco and his management, will take tremendous amount of work and focus to make a significant impact and leave a positive a mark. They have already started leaving a mark if you ask me. Blessed with infinite intelligence and smartness, he’s quick enough to learn from some of our good standing mainstream acts. He’s mentally, physically and spiritually poised for 2018 and the years ahead. One can never be too ready , but as it is, he’s eleven out of ten ready to run road.

It’s even arresting to know he’s a music lover too, and like every artist, he understands the need for not only good but quality music. In actual sense it’s all he has to offer. Again, he’s bringing a different vibe on board, trust him with his assertions, because none have ever seen what he has offer.

Finally he does music for the love, all other  things seconds to that. I certify him as an artist who’s here to keep everyone on their toes and happy.


He’s a Hiphop/Rap/Afro-Soul/Afro Trap artist. Hip Hop and rap because that was the foundation of his career;  listening to  acts like J.Cole, Drake and Sarkodie from back in the days. Plus being a battle rapper from Adom Fm Kasahari Level to Xfm Cypher to all the major High School rap competitions in the country.  Growing up he listened to a lot of soul too from the likes of the Marvin Gaye, Erykah Badu, Steve Wonder, etc.

He unconsciously fell in love with soul music as well. With time he learnt how to write soul music with an Afro vibe. Also Afro-Trap because he’s friends with Kootiboomin, a producer who always listens to trap music. He got magnetized, influenced and then studied it’s artistry. Raymond Addae Ntiri is his name,  Shaimi is the stage name.

With years of constant practice and perfecting the act of music, he learnt to sound like himself, talk about things that mean a lot to him and put emotions into his verses/songs. The has stood him out like a shooting star. Love, life, money & God are his inspirational drive to compose music. He has been working very hard, but prays harder.

Thankfully he’s releasing his debut single since he recently got signed to Renzel Music Group, titled Love & Kwacha featuring Muanda coming out on January 13, 2018. Followed up with  an EP afterwards in the year, a couple of singles and God’s willing an album. Prayer is his spearhead in every endeavor of life, because God does the blessing before his hard work comes to play.

 After picking up important needed elements from his predecessors, surveyed and fathomed how the music market works. He’s ready to serve his fans with exactly what they want. The ambitious young man is well prepared, with God as his backbone and Renzel Music Group in charge of every settings, he’ll soar high like an eagle. He’s on a musical mission because he has a lot to say.


As cranky as his name may sound Chinedu Iphy better known is O.L (OneiL) is an Afro-fusion artist. Afro-fusion is a fusion of different kinds of genres. He has RnB songs, dancehall songs, Afrobeats songs and even Hiphop songs in his sleeves. He’s one of those acts who doesn’t cage theirselves in a box.

 But he’s more familiar with RnB music because that’s what he started with. First of all, his versatility makes him exceptional, the fact that he can do different kinds of music based on the inspiration,  and secondly, the message/lyrical content of his music. He feels a strong connection to people on a soul level when he sings.

 And that’s what makes him stand out. His music covers a number of subject matters but he likes to keep it light and easy-going. So it’s mainly centered around women and things of the heart.

The world should expect a whole lot from him!. New music and amazing visuals. All he wants now is supporters and fans to follow him on this journey as they discover endless possibilities.  He’s planning to put out an E.P. As it stands he has no idea when exactly though.

But his label with himself will definitely come up with something big this year hopefully. With breaking out, it depends entirely on the fans. So he’s going to continue to give them good music and put out good projects. It’s just a matter of time before they understand his sound and fall in love with it. With God’s grace and the help from his team (Renzel Music), he believes he’s fully prepared. So on a scale of 1 to 10, he’ll go for 10.

Music lovers should give him all the needed and necessary attention because he’s bringing a new“heat”. Heat as in very good music. With time and effort, his music will be so big not only in Ghana but in Africa and the rest of the world. This can only come to life with the support of his fans and every music lover. So he needs all their endless attention and support.The kind of music he make will satisfy every true music lover, from different genres I must add.


As his name Masaany aka Di Dancehall Messiah suggests, he addresses issues of the public and social welfare of all human endeavors and his lyrics best suites his genre of music, reggae/dancehall and afropop. Gberbie Aziz Nii Lartey is his name and Masaany is his stage name. The power and message his songs carry and the melody attached makes his style of music distinct from other acts. Subject line relating to his music is simple: corruption in Africa and the unification of Africa because there is hope for the future.

 Every year comes with its own ups and downs, 2018 is not different but his team including himself are poised to release a couple of songs featuring some top artists. Other projects are underway. He has a five year mapped out plan and  2018 is certainly part. He has a few social projects he intends to work on as well gracinglre stages. Let’s wait and see. Getting close to his fans means the world to him, therefore he’s actively focused in engaging his fans in his era towards his music activities and just give them what they ask for.

 Everyday comes with it’s experience and with the experience he has gathered so far, he’s well prepared for the this year. If you pay attention to his music, you will realise his lyrics paints pictures about the realities of life; TRUTH, PEACE and UNITY.

Willing Wanna 

He’s another wild alert cum versatile Ashiaman based reggae/dancehall artist, he’s known as Willing Wanna but born Tettegah Willington. According to him, reggae/dancehall is more of reality, more so he chose the genre base on the fact that he wants to tackle real life issues hindering the flourishing elements of society through music. He’s more of a storyteller backed with unique vocal abilities, this makes me distinct from other artists.

 Subject line revolves around love, inspiration and party songs. Fans should expect the unexpected. Releasing an EP is just at the tip of the pipeline, more music videos and more collaborations are underway. Good music & timing are some of the measures he’s going to consider to break through mainstream.

Timing: the time to release songs is very important to, good song: music that everybody will love and jam to when they give an open ear to it.

His EP is almost ready and have some videos ready to be release this year. His upcoming EP is climaxed with features from some of the big names from Jamaica and Ghana.

Xhila Roy

Ever heard of Xhila Roy aka Gorilla, one controversial Ashiaman based reggae/dancehall, lovers rock and afrofusion lyricist. He’s also called Prince Debrah Danquah in real life.

 His chosen genres are international. Hence he has taking it upon himself to show the world what Africans are made of. Going hard on these genres is a media to reach the world. His song content and command over patois makes him unique. His subject lines are life related.

Art is the representation of life so he writes about the good/ bad/ugly that surrounds our everyday life. Fans are guaranteed of commercial progress from him. Consistency is what he has always built his brand on. With all this in place he poised to break into  mainstream.

All elements needed to make a song worth listening to are contained in his music, thus is CLARITY, LYRICS AND MELODY.

Ebony, Kurl Songx, Kelvyn Boy, Darlin Cage,

Fancy Gadam, Macasio, Kamelyeon, B4Bonah, King Promise, Tsoobi, EShun, et al are also part of artists to look out for this year.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t give comprehensive account on why music lovers should look out for them because I reached out to them but due to their busy time schedules the couldn’t get back to me on time. I believe the list of acts above will take you on a cruise control.

(story: John Claude Tamakloe)

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