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Simple Steps To Make Your Woman Cum – Charlotte Adio

The weekend is almost here and we prefer to be a little be naughty.

Yes! We know you are here basically because you wish to learn and give your woman the best treat so don’t describe us as a naughty website. We are far above that.

Well, Charlotte Adio shares with us some pretty cool steps to get your woman excited in bed. Get her wet and make her cum.

Check out the steps.

First off you need to have some serious self control if you trying to get her to cum, you have to be super patient and not be selfish.

Begin with kissing, use a lot of tongue because your saliva contains testosterone which will s3xually stimulate her. Don’t touch her P yet!

Then start kissing on her neck as you slowly remove some of her clothing to expose her boobs. Gradually she’ll get comfy & in her zone.

Use both of your hands to rub on her boobs in circular motion then s*ck on one whilst your hand rubbing on the other. Give equal attention.

Bear in mind that you ain’t yet brought your fingers or d*ck close to her P but it’s about that time so take off the rest of her clothes.

Nibble on her ear, kiss her neck, down to her chest then to her pelvic area but before you kiss her P kiss & gently bite her inner thighs.

Teasing is essential, it makes her want the d*ck ten times more and gets her super wet before you even touch her P. I hope y’all taking notes.

Now it’s about that time. Give her clits a big l*ck then take your fingers and gently rub on her clit. Don’t be too vigorous!

Keep checking her facial expressions, if she loving it keep doing it for a little longer. Trust that you getting her extra extra moist.

Proceed to finger f*ck her now. Stick in one finger first in case she extremely tight don’t just shove your whole hand in, take it easy.

When you fingering her, one of your fingers should make that movement you do when your signaling someone to come to you – best technique.

After that, stick those fingers in her mouth so she can get a taste, lick em too whilst you make eye contact with her and get a pre taste too.

Down to serious business, it’s time to eat her out like it’s the last supper. Lift up both her legs and place them on your shoulder.

Blow on her clit then flick your tongue on it and proceed to gently suck on it. Continue l*cking her clit, s*cking it & gently nibbling.

Keep doing so over and over! She gonna keep trying to pull back when it gets more intense & she about to cum. Pull her closer & don’t stop.

When she starts acting like she going through an exorcism just know that she about to cum, keep going til she cums all over the place.

Bon appetite! Its about time you slide that d*ck in. She gonna be wetter than the ocean at this point. Doesn’t matter how quick you cum now.


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