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Sub-Saharan Fashion is a seed sewn by a great Mentor and visionary to the founder. Over seven years of study under the fashion Icon the love to make great master piece with original African print was nurtured into maturity.

The relationship between the Mentor and founder went as far as representing the Icon at International fashion shows. In last quarter of 2014, the need to nurture the seed to bear fruit was a burning desire. The name was Sub-Saharan was a promise the founder made to his Mentor.

We are charged to dress Africa, create garment that showcase the Ideal African, the Sub-Saharan Fashion is the new image for the real African, we push ourselves to achieve perfection in all spheres. We don’t just make garments we make art pieces that can defines the Ideal African.

Our aim is to promote originality and we do that by using high quality fabrics in the class range on vlisco to create a timeless masterpiece for our clients. We empower local batik producers by partnering them to create unique designs for our collections. We are very conscious of our environment therefore we only use organic materials in producing our fabrics and package our product in re-usable and biodegradable materials.

The story of Sub-Saharan Fashion will never be complete without the mentioning and appreciation of great pillars like Mr. & Mrs Dr. Mensa Otabil (ICGC), Kofi Addo Agyekum (Kofi Krom Pharmaceutical), Karim Issaka (Rimartex), The McCauley Family, Kukua Odoi-Laryea (Kukis Parlor) and any one who contributed directly or indirectly to birth of Sub-Saharan for their council, wisdom and support.

            Mentor – Kofi Ansah & Mentee Sammi Laryea

Email: info@sub-saharanglobal.com
Phone: (+233)0264017512  0303938200
Address: Box YK1424, Kanda Accra




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