When my Husband F**ked Prostitutes, I Pay them To Keep my Marriage From Crumbling – Afia Schwarzenegger Reveals


Ladies and gentlemen, exhibit A on why you shouldn’t flaunt your relationship on social media and attempt to deceive the world about what is really happening in your life.

From the moment she started dating Abrokwah to the time GhanaCelebrities.Com exposed their sham marriage, Afia Schwarzegger kept showing off on social media her perfect little marriage.

In fact, if social media was all to go by, you would think these two had a better marriage than any couple on earth.

However behind the scenes, Afia was suffering humiliation after humiliation, abuse after abuse, and many other things. Publicly, she felt she had to keep up appearances because she has been deceiving people since the beginning of the relationship.

Aside the alleged abuses she claims she suffered at Abrokwah’s hands, Afia has now revealed that her husband cheated on her with prostitutes throughout their marriage, and because he was unemployed, she even had to pay the prostitutes.

And if she complained, she was physically assaulted for it.

Afia, speaking on her birthday on Vals Day, whilst launching her Leave2Live Foundation, said she rationalized all this away because she didn’t want to lose her marriage.

She said at them times she resolved to leave, she was convinced to stay by family members and men of God.

If you never pretend, you don’t have any problems taking some actions. Live for yourself and f*** society. Just don’t put on social media what is not accurate then put yourself in a bind.