Actors Guild of Nigeria president speaks on being gay


President of Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN), Emeka Rollas has addressed speculations suggesting he is gay following his anal surgeries.

There were rumours the AGN president was practicing homosexuality after he underwent two anal surgeries outside Nigeria.

However, speaking in an interview with Daily Post, Rollas stated that he enjoys having sex with his wife who has seven children for him.

He explained that he had anal surgery after detection of ‘Anal Fistula’ and had to be operated on in India.

Rollas said: “Let me address the sexuality issues I heard some time ago. The ignorance level of some people caused this as some of them failed to check up the name of my ailment.

“First of all, I had anal fistula which is a skin problem that can happen to any parts of your body and needs to be cut off through surgery.

“I had the first anal surgery in 2012 after I suffered from haemorrhoid, someone told me to take herbs to cure it which later made it worse and made me fly to India for surgery.

“But after four years later, I had a relapse but this time I chose to go to America to have the second surgery. Most people talking about me did not know what happened because they heard anal they started questioning if I was gay.

On why he did not address the public on the issue, Rollas said “I did not address the issue of my sexuality earlier because it would have run into a case of Daddy Freeze and the Pentecostal church.

“For crying out loud I have seven kids with my wife, if I can have sex with my wife and have children why would I be looking the other way.

“Some of these things come as a celebrity if you keep responding to such rumours you are wasting your time.”