Agbeshie – I’m Big In Volta But I Want To Be Big In Ghana & Africa Too

Starting his “#Original Nationwide Tour” from the Upper East Regional Capital, Bolgatanga, on Thursday, May 4th, Agbeshie made some ingesting revelations on Radio.

The budding Rapper disclosed that (Big Brother) Edem has truly paved the way for him and his other Brothers from the Volta Region in projecting the Ewe style of rap into mainstream recognition in Ghana and beyond.

Agbeshie in his interview says, “doing rap in Ewe language is one of the very difficult tasks because it doesn’t come easy to blend Ewe language with other local dialects and English to rhyme and make sense. You have to do extra work to put lines together that make sense. Edem our Big Brother did a massive job to make it recognized so we are following through the same path. Edem is a very huge figure in the Volta Region among music fans and after him my face is what most people relate to now.

I’m big back in Volta Region but I can’t limit myself to just my zone. I need to step out and make sure my music soaks everywhere in Ghana and beyond. I want my music accepted in Bolgatanga (Upper East Region) here, al the Northern Sectors and other Regions as well.

Fancy Gadam was able to make himself huge in the North and trickled down South to get himself up there so it’s proper we the ones from the Southern Sector also come up here to the North to grow our songs and brands as well.”

He was on Tanga Radio and A1 Radio, respectively, in Bolgatanga for promo. He proceeds to Tamale and Sunyani to continue the rest of his Nationwide Radio Tour. He is touring with ace Publicist, Elorm Beenie.

His latest single “Original” is on good rotation on Radio and Television networks. The official video is on YouTube as well.