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“Coronavirus Attack Has Some Advantages” – Jerry Wonder

Author and journalist and founder of Shine Publications Jerry Wonder, yesterday stated that despite the damages brought on globally by the deadly Coronavirus, there have also been some positive sides due to the presence of the killer disease. He said this via a phone interview from his residence in Accra. He explained that even in these dark times, the world should not forget about some of the important lessons the Coronavirus has taught us. Jerry Wonder was a nominee for the Journalist of Year in 2019 at the Ghana 40 Under 40 Awards.

Every problem has a lesson to be learnt otherwise, life would be stagnant. Problems come as challenges which when overcome, makes one stronger and prepares one for future challenges and opportunities as well. This is the belief of Author and journalist Jerry Wonder which he explained in an interview. “There’s no doubt that Coronavirus is a killer and detrimental to human existence. However, it has reminded us of the things that truly matter in life such as family, togetherness, health and happiness. In these modern times, people are so concerned with work and making money that they forget about the actual things that make us want to stay alive. Staying at home has given some of us the time to reflect on our lives and appreciate people who matter to us. In Ghana for instance, despite this being a political year as the election approaches, the President has called for unity in combating this pandemic and people are volunteering support irrespective of political affiliations.

People are also once again concerned about personal hygiene. According to C.N.N, there has been a drastic reduction in air pollution, families and relatives are coming together again, feelings of patriotism are being aroused, humanity and health are at the top of the global agenda, and the true essence of good leadership, above partisan and political or ethnically or racial motivations among some governments and individuals, is also being practiced. These are actions that should become habits even after the Coronavirus is eradicated “, he explained.

Jerry Wonder has been an advocate for good sanitation practices in his area Adabraka in Accra. He was also a recipient of the Databank Leadership and Excellence Award for his institution in 2017, as well as the award for the Most Influential Student Entrepreneur at the Ghana Tertiary Awards in 2017. He is the author of the book ‘Thoughts From A Selfish Mind (Vol. 1)’ which was released in 2016.

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