DKB – “After The National Cathedral, Prez Nana Akufo-Addo Should Build A Huge Auditorium For Events”

In light of the recent development, Ghana’s undisputed King of comedy, Derick Kobina Bonney better known as DKB is pleading with the President to build a huge auditorium for the showbiz industry which would help accommodate a large number of people than the already existing ones.

“After the building of the cathedral, His Excellency should consider building a huge hall for the showbiz industry. It is going to be a better and bigger avenue to contain the crowd for events. Our shows have become bigger than what the auditoriums can provide therefore causing  overcrowded shows.” He said.

He further went on to explain, “People want to attend the shows but the auditoriums are too small. Take the National theater or Conference Centre, for example, last year many shows were held there and because of the overcrowded audiences, the temperature in the halls was always high. If we have a big auditorium, heat and overcrowding wouldn’t be a problem.”

When asked how the huge auditorium can help the industry and the country as a whole, he said “People are now really interested in the shows organized and because the auditoriums are relatively small, the price of tickets is high so as to restrict the number of people who can attend the shows. But if there is a large auditorium, the price of tickets would reduce which would allow more people to attend shows and if more people attend the shows, organizers would make huge profits. When organizers of the shows also make huge profits, they would to pay huge taxes as well and on the plus side for the government, before these shows would be held in the huge hall, organizers would have to also pay for it. So it would be a win-win situation for the people and the government.”

After hosting a successful one-man show “point of view” last year the King of Comedy was asked if he had bigger plans this year, “The year is still young but my team and I have already prepared with the National theater t bring a reloaded edition for 2017. The date will be out soon” he replied.

Source: Fenuku Augustine

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