A group of African Movie Enthusiasts , who visited Ghana in December during the Year Of Return, have adopted ‘UNCRUSHABLE,’ a  movie shot in Nigeria and Ghana, featuring some notable Ghana and Nigerian Actors. The team came to Ghana to see a possible way of promoting African content in the USA.
According to Mrs. Faye who is a member of the Team, they watched an interview of a project the producer had released in 2018, a movie with a local African setting in of which they instantly fell in love with the location and other elements of the movie.
“When we got to Accra, same movie THE KING WITH NO CULTURE was showing on a local TV in Accra,
After watching the full movie, we went online in search of information about the production, we were able to reach the producer of the Movie, D.M.F Productions represented by Destiny Austine Omon. After weeks of negotiations we have decided to adopt the movie for a screen at the Diaspora African Forum in California scheduled for 11 Th of April 2020 but had to be shifted to a later date after the 8 weeks lock down in the USA as a result of Corona Virus 🦠 .it was also scheduled to be screened in Arizona on the 17th of April 2020, A later date will be announced soonest.
“Uncrushable” will later be screened at the snap cinema at the A.M.A building in Accra on the 13th of April 2020. And at the O’Deluxe Cinema in Lekki, Lagos Nigeria on the 1st of May 2020 After which it will be released to Cinemas worldwide.
Uncrushable is Produced by D.M.F Production and Distributed by Pinnacle Films.
It follows the story of a young banker  who is shot into a state of agony and self-despise after he was sacked from work due to his incorruptible nature and inability to abide by the evils at his work place. To worsen issues, his wife mounts pressure on him to keep up to current trends even in his poor state. In an attempt to still live flashy, the wife falls into the arms of a rich man. When the man finally gets back on his feet via a court case against his former employers, the woman faces the results of her choice. Can she survive it?
Watch the trailer below:

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