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Essential Make Up Tips to Look 10 Years Younger

Try these 11 makeup tips to help with your look.

Start with a Clean Canvas:

Make up truly looks begin with a clean canvas. Start with thoroughly cleansing your skin to break through dirt and grime build up on the skin. You can cleanse your face with a moisturizing cleanser to create a smooth surface to build makeup on. Remember, clean skin is imperative to clean makeup.

Use a Primer

Primer will allow for a smooth surface to work on. Depending on your skin type, I suggest a silicone based primer to fill in fine lines and pores. This will allow foundation to smooth over the primer, as opposed to dipping into the wrinkles common to aging.

Use Foundation on the Neck

Make sure to cover the neck when using foundation. A mismatching neck and face is a clue to heavy make up usage. Blend foundation into the neck starting from the chin and move on to the chest for a perfectly smooth finish. The neck is as imperative to cover as is the face!

Use Bronzer on Areas to Hide

Contouring has become all the rage, and for good reason. Bronzer or a darker concealer can create darkness and angles strategically. Use bronzer in a “3” shape on the face, starting from the forehead, into the cheekbones, and ending in the jawline. This will create a chiseled and youthful appearance.

Use a Lighter Concealer on Areas to Emphasize

This is a continuation of the last slide. Just as the bronzer or darker concealer is used to create shadows, the next step is to use a lighter shade to compliment the contour. Surround your dark “3” with a lighter concealer to create the illusion of a stronger cheekbone and jawline. This contour is the key to many celebrity looks, and will have you looking younger as it poses a strong bone composition associated with youth.

Blend Well

After your contour is created, make sure to blend out the look. If your contour is too harsh and unblended, your look can go from youthful to fake-ful. I suggest a full bodied face brush or a blending tool to really get a well blended and natural glow.

Emphasize Brows

Brows are key to a youthful look. The brow look can be tricky to achieve, as people are prone to over drawing. The trick is to use a pencil one shade lighter than your natural brow color. This way you can avoid the harsh look typically associated with filling in brows. Also, make sure you blend in the color thoroughly by brushing in the color.

Heavy Lashes

Lashes are another tactic to achieve a young look. I recommend fake lashes or volumizing mascara to fake youth. This look has to be done carefully. If you are concentrating on lashes, make sure to keep the eyes fresh. Avoid heavy eyeshadow or eyeliner when creating full lashes to keep your look fresh and young.

Use Lighter Lipstick

Nude and lighter lipsticks are more common for a youthful look. Wearing red or darker colors will look dark and draining, and are not conducive to a younger link. Look for a nude, light pink, or light orange to freshen up the face. It will look much fresher than the safer brown or red.

Use Nude Eyeliner

Instead of rimming the eyes with kohl, use a nude liner. This will immediately give a bright and youthful look. If you really want to use darker liner, just it above the eye. Waterline eyeliner is prone to bleeding and creating unwanted dark circles. A nude liner is a professional trick to brighten up the look and thus create a more youthful look.

Rosy Blush

Stay away from darker blushes, unless using them for contouring. A rosy blush is a key to looking young and fresh. Use a small brush in circular motions to apply blush on the apples of the cheeks. This will mimic the look of a flushed and young look. Darker blushes can be mistaken for discoloration, so only reserve them for contouring use.


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