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FDGG’s Constitution Worships Its Founder, Richard J.A. Boateng – Kofi Asamoah Alleges

Renowned movie producer and director Kofi Asamoah has alleged that, the constitution for the Film Directors Guild of Ghana worships its founder, Richard J.A. Boateng.

The former FDGG member said he quit the guild, because its leader was autocratic and the structure of the association was only to his benefit.

The Film Directors Guild of Ghana, which was established in 2015 by Richard J.A. Boateng is to enable film makers and the government of Ghana to collaborate in order to establish a strong film industry.

However, CEO of KOFAS Media claims the course of the organization was for the personal gain of Richard.

Richard Boateng is said to have put the constitution for the guild together by himself.

Kofi implied that, Richard was a bully, saying, “He is the sole signatory to the association’s account. According to his constitution, he remains president of the guild forever, no one can vie for his position.”

He fumed over the organizational structure of FDGG, asserting that, Richard only has his friends at executive positions, purposely for his personal gain.

Debunking Kofi Asamoah’s claims, Zoey, a representative of FDGG corrected that, following complaints from their members, some parts of the constitution was amended, under the supervision of Dzifa Gomashie, former Deputy Minister for Tourism.

Nevertheless, Kofi Asamoah still maintains his stand, that the formation of FDGG was to satisfy the demands of  Richard J.A. Boateng and friends.

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