FIGS Fashion Releases Latest Collection At the 1st edition Of 2018 Accra Fashion Week – Chilly/Rainy‘18


The ‘Maame Fosua’ collection was named after his mother who happened to be the inspiration behind this set of designs. FIGS has a flair for loud colours of which this collection is not devoid of. Apparently, that is just his mother’s style which contradicts the modern man / woman’s choice of colours when it comes to clothing. He therefore uses this collection to reach out to his audience to be bold and daring and go for gold; rainbow style.

In order to make the designs fit for all occasions, be it work or church, to a date or a night out, he makes the effort to merge these colours with African prints and lighter fabric shades so as to say: ‘Do not dismiss loud colours altogether, find the right pieces to combine with and keep it glam’.

The collection encompassed styles from the 40’s such as puff sleeves and maxi pants which are definitive of his mother. He merged these styles with current trends to produce a rather fashion forward ensemble.

Although “mummified” he did not leave the men out as there were definitely designs for them as well, including a trench coat for the chilly/rainy days. The unique feature of the collection is the boldly embossed brand logo on some of the outfits giving them a spectacular touch.