Get Familiar With Fastest Growing inspirational Singer Jossy, ready to take Ghana by storm


Josephine Akowuah known as Jossy was born in Ghana-Kumasi, on June 20, 1995 by Mr. Paul Boadi who works at a construction firm in Germany-Berlin and Mrs. Selina Dankwah who is also a trader.Josephine graduated from Mmofraturo girls in Kumasi in July 2010 and at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology with a Bachelor of Communication design of which she specialized in Advertising and Media Management.

Jossy is the sole initiator of the very popular and life changing daily inspirational quotes, a singer, Jossy-Pearlz.  Whiles in school, from high school to the college, Jossy has being in quiet number of school activities such as the debate clubs, various singing groups for completions and has always being on her toes working towards her passion by speaking and inspiring others with her quotes through her social media platforms and as well attending children gatherings to talk to them. In KNUST, Jossy was the head of the children’s department at her church.

Whiles she is in school, Jossy has being self-employed in since her second year in the college, she produces well design necklaces made with pearls for uni- sex which is also trending in the market. Also from her field of study as an advertiser, she has worked as a marketer in companies like Business Plus Ghana, Nwabigya rural bank limited and Alpha and Omega Publications in Kumasi.

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