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God Has Completely Solved World Hunger So Shatta Wale Now Needs His Help To Buy A Private Jet

There are 2,001 problems inherent with religion which makes the entire enterprise absurd but it remains popular because it gives people hope in a very difficult world.

I mean, taking just the issue of prayer, doesn’t a God who is omniscient and omnipotent completely negate the idea of prayer. He already knows what you’re coming to ask for and he already knows whether he’ll grant it or not so why the charade?

Besides, God supposedly has a ‘plan’ so why pray? If his plan is to give you something he will and if it isn’t, he won’t. The prayer bit seems useless to the entire process.

However, people pray anyway and the world remains a tough place to live in regardless of one’s religion.

Many Ghanaians go to church every weekend to pray for ‘noko fio’ to get them through the week and all across this continent, thousands of children go to bed at night due to hunger, problems which God has not gotten around to solving yet.

However, Shatta Wale needs a private jet and he wants his fellow Ghanains, some of whom cannot afford three square meals a day, to help him pray to God to grant him that wish.

Wale was speaking on Zylofon Fm.

“I need prayers. I want to buy a private jet. When you pray to God he will always do it… I believe in one’s life everything is about prayers,” he said.

“When you are close to the maker, anytime you pray he will hear your call.” he added.

May God grant him this very small wish, Amen.

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