I’m making more cash, forget popularity : Trigmatic


Ghanaian rapper cum songwriter, Enoch Nana Yaw Oduro- Agyei, known by his stage name Trigmatic believes although he’s not being heard by the overwhelming majority, he is really making a lot of money and has been very busy.

After announcing plans of his rebranding, which he says forms an integral part of his career as an entertainer, he has been missing from the spotlight for a while now and mainstream media hardly speak about him.

The radio presenter posted on his Facebook Timeline in January, to announce the fading out of his Trigmatic brand and a hint of his new brand “TIYUMBA”, meaning ‘Let love them.’

Apparently, it appears his new identity is working for him; because he’s now broken boundaries, attract new followers and to top it all, he is making serious money from his new brand.

According to the versatile artist, he’s been playing several corporate shows at least one every week, which has kept him busy and although much noise or publicity is not made on such programs, “it pays”.

I mean there is no festival that I’ve been to and not been paid for, for instance, the last collaboration which is just last year, it was good, and I went with nine people, so it doesn’t make you popular.

He, however, admits that the path he has embarked on does not make one popular as most of such shows are private and not publicised.

“That I must admit, it’s a lonely path but with regards to it being paid, I think it has, I think I’ve played every corporate gig, and these gigs are not public,” he said.

He mentioned some notable shows he’s played, which includes, the SWAG awards, the presidential balls among others.