I’ve Not Received All My Daughter Songs Bullet Promised To Send – Starboy Kwarteng



Mr. Opoku Kwarteng, father of the late sensational singer and performer, Ebony Reigns has returned after his little break from all the media attention, to demand from Bullet all the songs of Ebony in his possession, which he promised to give him in the press release he brought out some time ago.

Speaking to B Ice on Kumasi-based Agyenkwa FM, Starboy Kwarteng emphasized that he has personally been busy with a lot of travels and as such he hasn’t been able to contact Bullet for the songs.

“… put it on record that Bullet hasn’t given me any of the songs of Ebony in his possession…this it from me…this is Nana Opoku Kwarteng speaking” he stated emphatically.

Mr. Kwarteng also in the interview clarified the earlier news which suggested that he stated he had the intention of releasing his own songs. He told the host of the show that he never made such pronouncement and that the only point he made was that he was going to release songs of his late daughter which are in his possession and not his own songs.

Also, B Ice asked him if his daughter recorded songs elsewhere aside from the ones she did with Bullet’s Ruftown Records per what he said, Mr. Kwarteng stated that he was not obliged to answer such a question. He further told the host of the show that he should only take his word that he will soon be releasing songs of Ebony and not ask him those questions.