The aftermath of the remark of a movie can have two impacts on the production house involve, either it comes out well to beat the original stories or something somewhere goes wrong to make it a total flop.


When a production house is caught between these two fates for its work then the masses are keen on what to see at the end of the day to pull their judgement note book out to issue their verdicts.

Kofas Media is a leading production house in Ghana, when it comes to churning out box office record breaking movies. The house has managed to graduate from its short skits production (Boys Kasa) which blew most of their stars notably Ahuof3 Patri and Kalybos into the lime light, to becoming a force to reckon with on the movie landscape in Ghana and Africa.

Coming from the back of two successful movies (Kalybos in China, and, Amakye and Dede) which shook and change the direction of production work in Ghana. Many of the fans were expecting something new and well improved version with regards to their latest production, ‘John and John’.

‘John and John’ is a comedy movie which will make you laugh your lungs out and if care is not taken you might embarrass yourself by drowning and losing control of your sense of joy because each scene as typical of Kofi Asamoah was carefully drafted to make you not wanting to walk out of the cinema but eager to see what next.

Watch trailer here:

The movie was by far the most hyped movie we have seen so far in Accra and can say the entire country if exaggeration is to be taken out of the picture. But, it turns out to be a scene by scene copy of the South African movie ‘Skeem (2011)’ which was directed by Timothy Greene. Don’t begrudge Kofas Media for that because the CEO, Kofi Asamoah announced at the press conference prior to the making of the movie that it was an adapted story but we were expecting an upgrade to that adaptation. That never materialized as it seems either they were under pressure to shoot and finish the project quickly to meet and show it during the Easter period or pre-production deliberation did not go on properly before shooting commenced.

Don’t get us wrong, there were few things Kofas Media did right like; picture quality was on point, directing which we know Kofi Asamoah to score ‘A’ always for but watching the movie well, one will say it is just like a photocopied version but with plenty flaws like the gun shot sounds which comes few seconds after the bullets were fired.

Also roles given to some of the well established stars could have been played better by rising talents to help nurture or as a form of exposure but packing the stars and squeezing them into scenes made the whole movie chocked.

Euphoria around the movie is great, it has already recorded ground breaking turn out in other parts of the country but going forward Kofas Media must definitely add much more creativity to its works not necessarily throwing lots of known faces to the fans will make them like its movies.

Well done to Kofas Media, just hope there will be much bigger and better surprise after ‘John and John’.

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