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MUST READ: Safoa – A Poem By Nana Kojo Mula ( @NanaKojoMula )


I used to think love was patient
Used to think love was everlasting
Love had an enduring spirit.
But all that changed when I met her
So simple, yet so sweet and lovely
her smiles so bright it lit up my world.
It all started as a friendship
then we became indestructible like the titanic ship
She was the shepherd and I her sheep
I lived my life to please her
I gave her my all
Or so I thought
Then he came around
He was everything I never was
They grew so close and bonded so well
I could have stopped it
I Could have ended it all
But I trusted her
I believed in us
I believed in our love.
The love we shared.
Maybe she was fed up
or I didn’t try hard enough
I should have taken precautions
But It’s too late for regrets
Too late to play the blame game
I  now sit in my chair reminiscing the good times we shared
Holding on to the memories we created together
Because I  know I can’t love again
Cause the key to my heart is gone.

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