PHOTOS: Fear Hits Sakumono Over Chinese’ Murder


Residents at Sakumono in Tema are alarmed over the murder of a Chinese national at his residence on Thursday.

The deceased whose name has so far been given as Xan and into road construction was found in a pool of blood early Thursday morning.

The residents who feel threatened by this are calling for police protection and want perpetrators behind this heinous crime brought to book.

The deceased’s landlord, Michael Otutey told Adom News’ Kwame Yankah that the deceased has lived in the area for four months alone but he is picked up by colleagues every morning to work and returns in the evening.

However, a driver who came to pick the deceased up that fateful morning found the main gate to the house opened and later realized that the door to his room was also opened.

The driver was in shock to see the deceased in a pool of blood close his washroom.

He then raised alarm and quickly informed the landlord who subsequently informed the police.

The police then locked the main gate to the house preventing neighbours who could not believe the sad news from gaining access to the house.

Some co-workers were seen around trying to come to terms with how this could have happened.

A co-worker, Joseph Cobbinah who does not believe the sad news described the deceased as very friendly and humble.

The deceased house

Police in the area which falls under Baatsona Division of the police command is liaising with Accra Regional command as far investigation is concerned.