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PHOTOS: @RockyDawuni’s Elder Brother, Chief Uborr Wumbe Dawuni, Commissions Water Project In the North

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‘Water For The Global Community’, an American non-governmental organization donated a water filtering system which pumps 150 gallons per hour and can be operated 24 hours each day. The street lights were donated by Mr. Daniel Kernaton, who is the leader of the NGO, Charity Africa Mission. His NGO sends teachers to rural areas in the northern including Bunbong and the occasion was used to introduce two new American volunteer teachers posted to Bunbong  by Charity Africa Mission to teach English. The Bunbong Community library is being built by two American NGO’s, ‘Go Foundation’ and ‘Leading Through Reading’.

Chief Wumbe 2The Yendi Municipal Chief Executive, Mr. Zakaria Issah commended the chief of Bunbong, Uborr Wumbe Dawuni to draw these organizations to Bunbong. He added that he recognizes the relentless effort Uborr Dawuni has put in drawing development projects to Bunbong since he became a chief three years ago. He was invited by the chief and he attended some of NGO’s engagement of the community last year in the process of planning to build the library.

Rocky Dawuni 1He reiterated that government alone cannot provide the development needs of the people and welcomed the support of individuals and non-governmental organizations to augment government’s effort. He presented additional street lights on behalf of the municipal assembly to the community. He paid glowing tribute to Mr.Kernaton and Charity Africa mission for the continued support of education in the northern region especially Bunbong for the past twelve years.

Mr. Kernaton on his part said Bunbong was blessed to have a chief like Uborr Wumbe Dawuni who seems to be bringing together people and organizations to develop Bunbong community. He is reinvigorated to do more for Bunbon by virue of the recognition and appreciation shown by the Yendi Municipal Chief Executive and the people of Bunbong for the work he and his organization

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