Thoughts already exist in the primordial germ of humans. It underlies all manifestation. There is nothing we can do to create thoughts, but there is much we can do to avail ourselves of a better one.

The maiden edition of World Speech Day event held in Ghana was one of the many anticipated events across the globe which aimed at celebrating March 15th, a date set aside to celebrate speeches and speech making, better known as World Speech Day.

In his brief, Country Director for World Speech Day Ghana, Samuel Osei Mensah said in his introduction speech that; “I think each of us is put here to dilute the misery in the world.” “You may not be able to make a big contribution, but you can make little ones that can be the game changer for the world but first, you’ve got to try.”

Speaking with the Students of Digital Africa Jobs who joined in the celebration, Mr Mensah said: “Even if your contribution is a “little one,” in the long run, the smallest ingredient can be the most powerful, and the slightest act the most potent leading to create a better world for us.”

The event in Ghana saw various activities from the students of the Digital Jobs Africa at Skills Hub in Accra, British Council premises. From the amazing ‘thoughts for a better world’ mannequin challenge to brief speeches amid a talk-host interactive section on the theme “Say No to Suicide”.

One of the students, Margaret Osei, who doubles a young women’s rights advocate said in her speech that, “the fact that one is not able to achieve their dream or perhaps we’ve been disappointed doesn’t mean we have to end it all. When we think of a better world, we have to Say No To Suicide.”

Whilst the poet, David in his speech revealed that, “the freedom to express one’s views, opinions, and analysis by word of mouth cuts across diverse cultural backgrounds and may need to be said well to promote tolerance and peace in our environments.”

Johnson the Tech-guy, third speaker for the mini event rounded up the conversation by encouraging individuals to “think about every choice the make since it’s the ultimate goal to making this world a better place.”

Anything achieved through violence will not last long; it will leave an enemy sitting somewhere plotting against you.

In Ghana, World Speech Day was celebrated to mark the beginning thoughts for a better world. If we want a better world, it start with making peace with each other, we cannot constantly talk about others as our enemies. The best way to achieve victory is to see that both parties are victors.

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