Rain Gh Releases A New Masterpiece Titled Missing Soul

Woke up at dawn
Opened the window just to realize my soul was gone.
Don’t know where but far gone
So Far to the extent, I don’t know if it will be back before the next dawn.
I kept lingering, but for
how long ?
A journey of a 1000 miles..
Very slippery like tiles.
How I wish could go up to the skies.
I have been on a lonely bed.
Very foamy and warm
The weather looks cloudy
Yes cloudy
Who will I be on the bed with ?
As I lay awake at night wishing to be asleep in your bed.
The feel of your lips
as I run my tongue all around yours
Inside and out, over and over again as I gently press mine to yours.
I lick the sides, underside and the top side back to your mouth as our tongues dance together.
Beautiful slight touches of your fingertips,tickles me to imagine how soft your lips are.
The beautiful soft kisses on my forehead, to my cheeks,
down to my flabby chest can’t be erased from my mind.
Those curvy hips !
Soft rossey cheeks
The beautiful smile you show especially those white teeth
Jeez , those flashbacks they make I dey freeze.
Totally lost in a beautiful dream.
Searching for my missing soul!