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SEE PHOTOS: Policeman Strips Taxi Driver Naked In Public

A policeman stationed at the Anyaa police station in Accra, Gabriel Tabiri, lost control of his temper Tuesday and brutalized a taxi driver for allegedly jumping red traffic light.

The police officer with service number 36832 in a fit of rage accosted the victim at a Fuel Station after reportedly jumping the light, assauted him and in the process stripped the taxi cab naked in the full glare of the public.

The Anyaa stretch of the highway where the incident occured has for sometime now had a faulty traffic light, a fact that is known to drivers who usually ply the road. The amber comes on and the next second it turns red and then soon after it turns green again. Because I’m aware it’s faulty I drove through the traffic light and went to a filling station nearby to buy fuel.

As I waited to be served, the policeman walked up to me and said I was under arrest. I was shocked, I explained to him that the light is faulty but he insisted I have flouted traffic regulations.

He insisted that we should go to the police station and I asked him to sit in my car so we go together. But he declined saying there was someone already in the car. Not even the pleas from the Filling Station Manager to allow him bring me to the police station could change the policeman’s mind. He wanted to drag me to the station and I refused.

In the process a quarrel ensued and suddenly he held my shirt and began pulling and squeezing me by the neck. I didn’t want to aattack him because of the respect I had for the uniform. However he continued to manhandle me and eventually torn my dress. Even when it was left with my boxer pants, I expected that he’ll stop harrassing me but he went on pulling it too until I was stark naked in public,” Danso recountered his ordeal to Kasapafmonline.com

According to the victim, “when I realised I was being disgraced, I decided to defend myself and that resulted in a physical brawl. The policeman bit my forehead but eventually I had my freedom. Some boys around who could no longer look on as the policeman misbehaved intervened before he let my loose.”
Danso added that a good Samaritan provided him with an attire to cover his nakedness. He currently complains of chest and neck pains as a result of the struggle with the police officer.

He has since reported the case to the Police Intelligence and Professional Standards (PIPS) Directorate.

The Anyaa Police Station refused to comment on the issue.

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