Serwaa Amihere Confirms She’s Off The Market


GhOne television presenter, Serwaa Amihere is officially off the market!

Serwaa has announced, quite unceremoniously, that she’s married.

Amihere didn’t reveal who she’s married to or when they did the deed, but the important piece of info here is that Serwaa Amihere is no longer on the market.

n recent months, Serwaa has indicated she has a serious partner but never revealed they’re husband and wife – until now!

During a fan QnA on Snapchat, a fan who obviously if she is married, asked Serwaa;

“Serwaa, how much is the bride price again?” the netizen queried.

Amihere replied with a bombshell: “I’m married though,”

We guess congratulations are in order then – hope it lasts!

Check out Serwaaa’s post below…