Ten (10) Things You Probably Confuse For True Love

True love is a very difficult thing to explain, and some people would debate that it doesn’t even exist at all.

Most of us though, would agree that love does exist and that it can exist in various forms, but you can sometimes mistake other emotions, for love.

If you are unsure, whether what you are feeling is really true love, or something else, then read these ten things that easily be confused for love:

1. Closeness through shared experiences

When people share different joyful or traumatic experiences together, they can form a strong bond that can be mistaken for love.

This can lead to the ‘we’ve been through so much together’ reason for staying together, when you don’t really love each other.

2. Meeting up with an ex after a long time

After a long period of separation, the reason why you split fades in your memory, but the good times stay fresh in your mind.

If you met that person again, unexpectedly, it can seem that fate drew you back together, and it can feel like you are instantly in love again. Be careful though, this is probably only going to be a short lived feeling.

3. He is a great kisser

Fun in bedroom is one thing and love is another, so don’t confuse the two. No matter how fantastic or mind blowing time in bedroom is, that doesn’t mean that you love the person and, anyway, bedroom alone will never be enough.

4. The holiday romance

When you meet someone on holiday, it can seem to be ‘oh, so perfect’. Sun, sea and laughter, what could be more romantic! The problem is that when you get back to real life, that person can be a very different person indeed.

5. Finding a rock in a storm

When you are going through tough times and someone comes into your life who is stable, reliable and trustworthy, you can lean on them and they may well be of immense help to you, at that time. Your gratitude at finding a ‘saviour’ can be easily confused for true love, be aware.

6. Dating for convenience

He’s safe, he’s trustworthy, he’s reliable and, more importantly, he’s there. If you spend enough time with a person, you can become so comfortable, that staying with them seems like the easiest and simplest option. This isn’t love, though; it’s just taking the easy option.

7. Receiving attention from Mr. Perfect

When you start to get attention from a guy who seems to have it all, then it’s easy to get sucked into a relationship with him, even when you don’t really love him.

You know the type:  handsome, smart, generous, successful, suave and sophisticated, but is he really for you? Or is just an infatuation?

8. Idolization

This one is more for the teens, than the mums, but not always! You might think that you are in love with One Direction member, or if you’re a bit older, George Clooney, but you’re not.

Even if your idol did walk through the door and sweep of your feet, you’d soon find that he breaks wind and has bad days, just like everyone else.

9. The roller-coaster relationship

Some people are great at making you feel bad about yourself and then, suddenly turning the tables and being the most wonderful human being on the planet.

When things are great with this type of person, you think that you love them. So much so that you forget it was the same person that made you feel so bad in the first place.

10. Forbidden love

Forbidden love, like having an affair with a married man, can seem so exciting and dangerous that you become overwhelmed by it.

But, it could be the danger and the secrecy that you are in love with, not the man. And do you really want to spend the rest of your life with the person who is able to betray someone else?

What other things we can probably confuse for true love?

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