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Ten Tips For Girls On How To Get Ready For A Date

1. Allow plenty of time to get ready

Allow yourself as much time as possible to get ready for a date, because you don’t want to be rushing around at the last minute. If you can decide on what you are going to wear well in advance and get your outfit ready the day before, you will be able to take your time getting ready and you will be less likely to forget something. You will also feel less flustered when you do meet the guy for the date.

2. Tidy up your place

If the date goes well, you might end up back at your place, so have a tidy up around your home, just in case. You won’t want to be embarrassed if he comes in for a drink, or miss out on the opportunity if it arises, so clean up the bathroom, the living room and your bedroom before the date and then you won’t have to worry about it on the night.

3. Don’t make any drastic changes

If you haven’t known the guy for very long, then this is definitely not the time for a drastic makeover. He must have liked what he saw the last time you met him, so don’t suddenly change your hair style or colour or make any major changes to the way you do your makeup. You shouldn’t be experimenting with any dramatic changes to your look when you are already nervous about a date.

4. Dress for the occasion

If you know where you are going on the date, dress appropriately for the venue. Although you want to look your best and you want to make a good impression, don’t overdress for the type of date that you are going on. If it’s a surprise date, choose an outfit that is middle-of-the road and take some makeup with you, just in case you have to glam up your look.

5. Don’t go too heavy with the makeup

A lot of guys don’t like heavy makeup, especially heavy foundation, so go easy with the makeup and go for a natural look. Go easy with the lip gloss as well, or he may not be too keen on kissing you. The best makeup for a date is the type of makeup that will need minimal maintenance and that you can simply put on and forget.

6. Go easy on the perfume

Perfume is another thing that you don’t want to overdo on a date. If you don’t know the guy very well, you won’t yet know what sort of scents he likes and you don’t want to wear something that is too overpowering. You also don’t want him choking on the fumes when he leans in for a kiss! The best thing to do is spray the perfume into the air and walk into the mist. That will give you a light fragrance all over your body.

7. Don’t forget your phone

Make sure that your phone is charged and take it with you in your bag. You shouldn’t be texting your friends or checking out Facebook when you are on a date, but you might need your phone if you get lost on the way to the date or you are going to be late. You might also need your phone to call a cab if the date doesn’t go as well as you expected.

8. Know where you are going

Don’t leave deciding on how you are going to get the date to the last minute. Check out in advance where you are going and how long it will take you get there, because planning ahead will avoid another last minute panic. If you don’t know the guy very well, you should also tell someone else where you are going and what when you expect to be home.

9. Think positively

Don’t lose sight of the fact that a date is supposed to be fun! Try not to think about what could go wrong, because it probably won’t, and try not to worry too much about what he thinks of you. You’ll have a lot more fun and give a much better impression of yourself if you relax and have some fun, so think positively before the date and then you will feel a lot more confident when you get there.

10. Look like you

Whatever you decide to wear and however you decide to do your makeup, don’t forget that it’s you he likes, so make sure that you look like you when you go out on a date. If you do anything that is too different from what you would normally do, it will only make you feel uncomfortable.

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