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The abuse of POWER on WOMEN – Lydia Forson speaks on abuse

The abuse of POWER on WOMEN and how Lydia Forson was physically assaulted by a security official.

I don’t even know where to start this piece from.

How do I explain that I woke up excited about my day unaware of the very dangerous encounter I was to have.

How do I write in a language that won’t be judged, misinterpreted or dismissed.

How do I speak on my assault without someone tone checking me, questioning the validity of my claim and trying to make it my fault.

Because that’s the never ending cycle women in this country go through whenever the subject of any type of abuse is brought up. Who we are becomes the centre of the conversation and NOT what happened to us.

How we speak on the subject will determine if we deserve sympathy or not, we have to hold back the anger we feel, speak in a more acceptable tone and basically focus more on how people receive what we’re saying instead of the pain of what we went through.

Yesterday I was assaulted by this man, a security official who looked me dead in the eye and said “he could beat me because his power permitted him to and no one would do a thing about it”.

Phenomenal actress cum producer Lydia Forson posted a snippet of video on her instagram page where she was been assaulted by a said national security official. According to her, she and her production crew chose a spot often used in movie production( mostly by NAFTI students as it is by their hostel).

A few minutes into the shoot a car drives up and a man with a walkie talkie jumps out and tells them they were not permitted to be there. Her director insisted that they were, he together with the crew tried to reason with the man but he refused and the director decided that they should just leave to avoid what seemed like a situation that was escalating.

Lydia who was observing the ongoing scenario from a distance and noticed the man was fixated on the female crew member who happened to be the one driving. As she turned to leave he started to verbally assault her, why? Because she had “dared” challenge his claim that they weren’t allowed there; he continued to hurl insults at her until she heard him say finally “ you think you are somebody”. Immediately the statement triggered her to step in to cool down the heated argument.

She walked up to him and said he didn’t need to go that far, especially since they were already leaving. The said security official without hesitation turned on Lydia and started making threats; she took out her phone and decided to record his actions but that only aggravated.

Watch the video and judge for yourself.


Click the link for the full story www.lydiaforson.com and send any information you have on the said security official to : contact@lydiaforson.com

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