As the world moves, there are only two key things that are driving the destination of the world and these are Media and Technology.

How happy it is, is to see that the generational revolution that should have been controlled by Men, the revolutionary change that should have been sustained by the Great Gods of the media is now on the finger tips of a Woman!!! GREATNESS!!!


Not just any woman, she is a woman of substance, she has courage and full of inner beauty not to talk about the physically admirable features that makes her stand out and unique over any other Media woman..

Standing as the Media Goddess of our time, Martha Maree Daniels has been so loyal, fruitful and a very productive to the Media Industryand has more to talk about!!!

For we the industry guys, we know the powerful lady has really paid her dues and needs too much than just recognitions!!!combing Education with Media works , Martha Maree Daniels has truly proven the fact that , no one will be coded the word “wrong” Should she be referred to as the “Versatile Goddess”.

Since day one of her media journey, Maree has taken the title of a Midas which tells she has never failed in anything she does and has ever been so out giving in her field of play. Upon all the academic demands of her life, the Nation’s versatile Goddess has all these extra curricular activities she does which tends to sustain her tittle!!

Martha is a Radio/TV Personality and Events MC, appearing on over hundred Tv celebrity chat shows has been the least of it all as a media woman. Been a queen in her own unique way, the Beauty queen won the crown as the First Runner up for one of the Nation’s Hottest Beauty Pageant events Missaika 2015.

As at now Martha Daniels is the Co-Host on Entamoty Live on Class FM and as well co- hosting on Campus Crash TV. Not alone has she won a crown as a Beauty queen but also won the award for the most influential Student Female TV Presenter, UMB Ghana Tertiary Awards 2017 and still counting.

Many are those who are looking forward to being like her and that has given her a great inspiration to be who she is and do more of what she does.. She believes in #WomanPower and has the zeal to consistently put in much effort to hold on to her priceless Gift of nature!!!

Unlike other brands which were deemed tough but fell along the way, Martha has the mind set of doing what she can and leaving the rest to her maker to make it much better..

She has been very consistent and ever ready to put in much effort into any task she is given and that makes her even more appreciable!!

The very interesting and entertaining part of her whole style is her being an actress!!! Martha has starred in many movies though not her real interest but does it really well and so no doubt if she is really called the Nation’s Versatile Goddess!!

For all you who are her fans, stay close and observe for the New revolutionary change Of the industry is at work!!!!!!

Follow her on all social media platforms@martha_daniels

Source: www.urstrulypraiz.wordpress.com

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