TikTok Introduces Paywall Feature for 20-Minute Video amid Controversies


TikTok has launched a new paywall feature allowing select content creators to monetise their content.

The feature dubbed Series will allow creators to post videos lasting up to 20 minutes, with each series containing 80 videos. TikTok video length Series, introduced on Tuesday, March 7, allows creators to charge each video behind the paywall based on their rate.

According to CNBC, each creator will charge between $0.99 and $189.99 (KSh 128 and 24,471).

Before the introduction of the Series, creators used to share videos ranging between 15 seconds to a maximum of 10 minutes. The first phase of the feature rollout will target select creators, as the company looks set to include other creators in the future. Highest paid TikTokers Highest-paid global TikTok users like Addison Rae, who took home $5 million (KSh 555 million) in 2019, could benefit from this feature.

Azziad Nasenya is one of the highest-earning TikTok stars in Kenya and could have a spot for the Series. There have been growing concerns over using TikTok, some touching on data privacy issues. The US government introduced a bill to ban TikTok and take action against certain foreign technology companies that breaches user privacy. Ciku Muiruri warns parents against TikTok In Kenya, the short-video platform is on the spot over the kind of content creators display to viewers.

YouTuber Ciku Muiruri warned parents against the dark side of TikTok as she shed light on the social media platform. Muiruri noted some mothers asked for payment to have their daughters perform explicit dance moves during live streams. She also noted the practice of devil worships from some young TikTok users, which shook her to the core. “Parents, Tiktok has taken a dark turn and is not the harmless place it once was,” part of her caption read.

Source: TUKO.co.ke