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MUST READ: My Woman My Mother – Poet Timmy

The scream of her pain was louder than the cry of a baby after birth
My birth to took her close to her last day on earth.. she survived, she survived at her last breath
And she love me more than first

The attractive label beneath her neck made me stay always close to her chest..
I squeezed, suck and bite her breast
yet she love me like first..

The cries that I made and the tears she consoled
The hunger that I felt and the satisfaction she gave
The problematic cases I had and how she dealt with them in her own way.

I take what is not mine
oh yes! I steal but she defends me in public and scold me on our home way
she work, I don’t work yet she feeds me even when it’s the last on her..

Her love is thick as the earth,
wide as the sky and gentle as the first rising sun..
I tried rating her in numbers but I couldn’t so I tried alphabet..

Mother is alphabetically astonishing, Beyond beauty ,
Continuously caring,divinely devoted, electrically elegant, forgivably fantastic, graciously giver,
Humbly honest, interestingly innovative, jubilantly Joyous, Kind, Lovingly liberate, Momentary monitoring,

Non resistantly nurturing, optimistically optimist, progressively protective ,she surely is a queen.. Queenly quiescent
Realistically reliable, substantially superb, tremendously truthful ,
ultimately understanding Viable..

I call her wonderful woman
Xenodochial yielding,
she is zealous zest.
all women is said not to be mothers but she is a woman worthy of a mother.. my mother my woman.

Poem Written by: Poet Timmy

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