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Yaa Pono’s ‘Faster Than gods’ Album To Drop, June 9

Who won the Shatta-Pono beef? Why would just 3 seconds of “Gbee naabu” during his Ghana meets Naija set create so much anger?

The video in fact has rekindled the general opinion that Yaa Pono indeed won the beef between the two and that it is all but over.

Yaa Pono has not made any comment on the matter, perhaps because he is set to release his album “Faster than gods”.

Yaa Pono has often been criticized for being too “underground” and not living up to his commercial potential. That Yaa Pono’s biggest hits do not get much airplay, even though he is one of the most popular live performers in Ghana today.

“Faster than gods” album is Yaa Pono’s first release since his increased popularity, and Yaa Pono says that it is time that he gives his audience songs that are more radio friendly.

He may have built his reputation as a battle rapper, but it is time to utilise his strengths as a singer and commercial artist.

Yaa Pono indeed has to prove that he can do more than rock the shows. It has always been interesting to see whole crowds singing his songs back to back, and wondering where they learned the lyrics from.

Perhaps this is where Shatta Wale and Yaa PONO have something in common. Shatta Wale was mocked for saying “Facebook is my Radio Station…” when very few radio stations were playing his music, but his popularity growing without radio play.

Similarly, Yaa Pono’s songs are on everybodys phone but on only a few radio stations. And the question still remains: If Yaa Pono indeed won the beef, why can’t he “beat” Shatta Wale on the commercial stage?

Shatta Wale’s recent Ghana Meets Naija performance proved why he has been dominant for the last 5 years, and he still doesn’t show any signs of slowing down soon.

It is interesting to note that Yaa PONO is in a very similar position to Shatta Wale a few years ago, and it appears he is gunning for Shatta Wale’s crown.

Can Yaa Pono win the next battle with Shatta Wale? Maybe “Faster than gods” which is scheduled to be released on June 9, 2017, contains the answers?

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