Zylofon Music Arts Club Artist Xylo Loves Women With Big Bumper

Over the years ZYLOFON MEDIA has been bashed for not working with underground artists. Guess what, they just bought a new twist in musical talent in GHANA.
One of ZYLOFON MEDIA’s next generation of artists who goes by the name of XYLO has released his first single “BUMPER” and has also confirmed that he is in love with Ladies who have a big Bumper and shared details of his kind of BUMPER in an interview.
XYLO spoke about the inspiration behind his new single “BUMPER” during an interview on Happy Fm 98.9 morning show, SHOWBIZ EXTRA  on Saturday. When asked by host Dj Adviser what kind of ladies he likes, he replied saying, “I’m a BIG BUMPER man. Definitely in love with BIG BUMPER.
On the other hand, XYLO is the first artist from ZYLOFON MEDIA ARTS CLUB to be introduced into the music scene. He sings very well and is in the habit of combining afro beat with RnB fusion, soul and reggae to create his sounds. This allows him to have a unique sound.
Currently, he has an album coming out titled ONE TOUCH, and BUMPER is the first single to be released off the album under the label.
SOURCE: zylofonmediaonline.com